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9.. Phobias.

12. Traits & Mannerisms. 

11. Emotional Choices.

6. Describe your dwelling in detail.

5. Use your sense memory. 

4. Did she or he tell jokes..

3. Develop your character

2. Honesty is the key.

1. Answer the questions in the name of the character.

Few actors are blessed with the luxury of time to research, develop and construct a character. Today's actors are handed a a script and told to report to work the next week, the next day or that very same day. I picked up my script for The Grifters at 8 a.m. and two hours later, I was on the set shooting. 

A Busy Actor's Guide for Building Characters


45. What is your most effective method of getting your way?

+  Find something positive about your character even if he or      she is a serial killer?

You are Wispy.

You are insubstantial and vague about things you do & say.

10. Nuggets to layer your characterizations.

7. Be Precise.

A Question to pounder….

A thought to consider….

A character trait…

8. Still more Questions.