Spiritual Armor helps you overcome situations pertaining to show business. Rules, Laws, Unions, Skills and Craft Advice, Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding through bibical scriptures from God.    

     You made the choice to enter this business. Now, you must make the choice to conquer cold reading. 

     Cold reading is a vital element in casting. As an actor, teacher, director and screenwriter. I find cold reading is an actor’s kiss of death.

     Cold reading seems to be the greatest fear of an actor, young or old. I wrote this book to help you defeat that cold reading death trap.  

You can do it if you try!

An Actor's Spiritural Armor

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           COLD READING 

                  "made simple"


                             60 Questions

A Busy Actors Guide for Building Characters


Sy Richardson wrote the original screenplay Posse, and self-published 5 books. He graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with a BS in Journalism. He joined the Heritage Square Opera House in Golden Colorado. They performed vaudeville and Olios shows for two years. Richardson starred in his first film thirty days after arriving in Hollywood. He has appeared in over hundred movies, sixty television shows and sixty plays. Richardson has appeared in films such as: REPOMAN, COLORS, THEY LIVE, OUR FAMILY WEDDING, Surviving Christmas, To Sleep With Anger, SID & NANCY, and. TV shows: PUSHING DAISIES, NCIS, RISSOLI & ISLES, LINCOLN HEIGHTS, Martin, Cheers, Wings, Monk.  Richardson 2008 FedEx, Commercial was the 2sec best Super Bowl Commercial 2008. Sy’s (someone stole your fries) McDonald's spot, received a 3 star positions for 1998 Advertising Age Magazine. Best Actor 168 Film Festival 2007, Towne Street Theater Treasure award 2004, Best Director, Brown Brothers Award 1987, Jeane Golden Halo Award of High Esteem 1987, Best Actor Eden Theater 1977, Best Actor Bonfil Theater 1975. Mr. Richardson wrote, directed and produced two shorts films Us Against Them and Familiar Strangers. He directed Symposium 98, a documentary, for the SAG EEOC department. Then directed "TREE" for the Los Angeles Opera Foundation. His direction of "South Of Where We Live" won one out of three nominations for the NAACP Image Awards in 1988. Summers In Suffolk was nominated for three NAACP Image Awards in 1996. Passing won two out of ten NAACP nominations in 1997. Sy taught drama for 20 years ages five to eighty-five. He chaired the SAG Casting Committee for 3 years and taught a cold reading class for SAG Conservatory for three years. He is also a former member of the SAG Board of Directors. 

Few actors are blessed with the luxury of time to research, develop and construct a character. Today's actors are handed a a script and told to report to work the next week, the next day or that very same day. I picked up my script for The Grifters at 8 a.m. and two hours later, I was on the set shooting. More Information on book.  ( Click full page above)