Rocky Mountain News, by Richard Erdman                                                               1975
Streets of New York, Sy Richardson lends his unique comic touch to the role of Edward, Bloodgood's "man" and shines in his own right during the olio, particularly in his super smooth rendition of "Blue Velvet."x

Rocky Mountain News, by Richard Erdman                                                               1975
    Sy Richardson just about walked off with the evening in "Bits of  Junk" as the friend, funny and real and outrageous all at once.

Rocky Mountain News, by Richard Erdman                                                              1975
    Yeah Uh-huh this short work written by Sy Richardson is funny, imaginative and entertaining.

Rocky Mountain News, by Richard Erdman                                                              1975
    Slick Harry the Welfare Pimp, written by Sy Richardson is a good script, what I call a "red liner" (the red line being what you get across your butt from sitting too close to he ege of your seat) 

Rocky Mountain News, by Helen Cast                                                                      1975
    Sy Richardson won an award for the best cameo role in Five On The Black Hand Side. 

Rocky Mountain  News, by Marjorie Barrett                                                          1975
 Sy Richardson had some excellent moments in a role that on the surface went nowhere  in The Streets of New York.

Rocky Mountain News                                                                                         1976
    Sy Richardson making his second appearance with the company, whacks his way through two characters and comes up with one in particular, The Spirit of Temperance, that you have to see to believe.

Variety                                                                                                                  1977
    Sy Richardson as Cinderella's fairy Godmother steals every scene  he's in rescuing the film from occasional lapses into tedium.

LA Times by Polly Warfield                                                                                  1979
    Richardson  plays an ideal father of infinite patience, tenderness and strength in Ellen.

 When you are doing what you love it is never work. It's living every minute with excitement and joy.

LATimes   by   Polly Warfield                                                                                   1980
Dark Reflections Cepheus Jaxon's tender and compassionate ply about an unexceptional black family in rural Louisiana of the 1950's speaks directly and simply to a special audience in its own idiom. The cast, directed by Jaxon and Sy Richardson is excellent.
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Drama-Logue           by Steven Zelle                                                                        1986
    Sy Richardson does a fun parking attendant in Working.

Acting is a source of energy recharged by emotions and sense memory. Actors have a unique way of expressing themselves. They must respond to that expression and take total responsibility for their choices. Character Actors have the mindset of an entrepreneur. They must constantly be aware of the industry and be ready to accommodate the needs of the industry.