Drama-Logue,  by Bruce Feld                                                                                                    1996 
    Sy Richardson as Everybum in The Dance Begins When the Waltz Goes Backward is gloriously silly and ruthlessly honest. He Shows us most of the colors of the emotional rainbow.

Backstage West, by Jamie Painter                                                                                             1996
    Richardson is especially effective in his porayal of Eveybum who displays a multitude of personalities and emotional ranges throughout the play, The Dance Begins When the Waltz Goes Backward.

​Los Angeles -Downtown, by Victoria Looseleaf  1996

 The Dance Begins When the Waltz Goes Backward requires energetic and amazing work from this pair of accomplished actors. I commend the actors. They play off each other like prize-fighters, creating a delicate dance of emotion and guts. They in fact make the trip to theTowne Street Theatre worth it.  

Shock Cinema Magazine writer: Jeremiah Kipp                                                                    2008
After watching the Criterion Collection DVD of Walker, I was struck by how great Sy Richardson is as Hornsby. A few days later, i caught a screening hem in NYC of Charles Burnett's To Sleep With Anger, where Richardson has a supporting role and a stunning monologue opposite Danny Glover and thought that here's a superb actor who deserve some more press.

The Shreveport Times,       by Lane Crockett                                                                                   1997                                                                       
    At the heart of Fences is a riveting performance from professional actor Sy Richardson as Maxson. Richardson has tremendous stage presence and a flexible voice that can be soft and seductive and then thundeous when his character falls into a rage. Richardson's Maxson commands the stage, sometimes seeming to swallow it. As Richardson  moves into the various mini-monologues, you can't not watch and hang on every word.

DramaLogue,  by Richard Scaffidi                                                                               1988
    Sy Richardson makes his directorial debut with South Of Where We Live but the inexperience shows only slightly; he maintains an energetic, uninhibited pace and oversees memorable performances, not one of which is bad and several of which are delightful.

 The Times Shreveport LA       by Derick Jones       FENCES                                      2012
Creative. Rich. Compelling, Those are just a few words that director Robert Alford uses to explain Sy Richardson acting ability. He has a lot of range and depth, Alford said." He's an excellent actor that gets you to listen.

Backstage.com, by Les Spindle                                                                                       2009  Sy Richardson in a moving portrayal of Daddy Turnover in Daddy's Dyin Who Got the Will.

The Almagest by Kayleigh Slaughter                                                                              2009                                                                         
I'm Not Rappaport impresses theater newcomers. Sy Richardson (Midge) played the straight man to perfection. His impeccable style, timing and audience connection stole the show, and his steady portrayal of a man trying to quietly live out his days gave the play soul.

The Times,Shereveport LA  by  Alexandyr Kent                                                                 2008

Most of Walking With The Panther is crafted by Sy Richardson. His take on Pop's unforgiving nature is spot-on.  He injects boldness into every withering glance an every menacing stare. 

Review, by Alex Demlyanenko                                                                                    1987
    Sy Richardson displays a semblance of respectabilty amidst total anarchy in Straight To Hell.

Drama-Logue by Lee Melville                                                                                     1987
    Suggs, Sy Richardson plays a variety of roles, most notably street people with versatile flair.

Alex Cox's  book, X Films True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker                          2008
Harry Dean seemed to appreciate Emilio and Sy. I also grew more and more impressed by Sy, who brought such authority to his work and took such pleasure in it.  A writer, actor himself, Sy was a fount of inspiration, solidarity, and relaxed good humor.

The Times Shreveport LA     by Robert Trudeau      STICK FLY                                             2013
Mahogany theater of Lydia Diamond's drama on class and race, Stick Fly, was stimulating and engrossing. Dialogue and body language was delivered in a meditative flow over a 3 hour span. Anchored by the gravitas of Sy Richardson.The Times Shreveport LA