An Actor's Spiritual  Armor

                         By Sy Richardson

     You choose to be an Actor. You are creative and talented.    Thanks to the grace of God. There is no competition in spirit. There is more than enough abundance in God's universe for all of us.

     Release your feelings of doubt, low self-worth, lack, and limitation. 
     Spiritual Armor helps you overcome fearful situations pertaining to show business.    Wisdom and power belong to God. Advice & understanding also belongs to Him. 

                             Job: 12:13                                     

              60+ QUESTIONS

(A Busy Actor’s Guide for Building Characters)

                            By Sy Richardson

     The actor’s job is to bring a totally believable human being to whatever project you are   expressing at  the moment.
     These 60 + questions pertaining to developing a  character will help you to know your character,  probably better than the producer, director, and in  many cases, the scriptwriter too.                                                                                      

 Some of the films SY RICHARDSON have used these skills and practices to work in the movie industry for 42 years.



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A message of FAITH HOPE & LOVE from Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Drama Department, Los Angeles, California